Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brain Based Teaching Seminar

Workshop on Introduction to Brain Based Learning/Teaching

A free workshop was presented August 25th covering the topic; An Introduction to Brain Based Teaching. Cornelia Bonterre, Country Director of ARROW Learn IT recently completed a half day training workshop for teaching staff in Pre, Primary and Secondary schools.

Having worked with the ARROW Programme for the past seven years with hundreds of children throughout Trinidad, Cornelia Bonterre has witnessed how brain based learning techniques are not only effective in the long term but almost immediate in advancing and enhancing the learning of our students.

The workshop introduced Brain Based Learning covering areas in brain development, engagement, motivation, emotion and memory. The seminar discussed successful strategies for teachers and parents to use in the classroom and at home covering the ages from pre-birth to upper secondary school.

The workshop itself provided models of ideal brain based teaching strategies that gave all participants first hand experience in the session.

ARROW shares online articles with you

ARROW shares online articles with you
Did you know that participating in music and art increases skills and qualities that gel perfectly with academic learning? Again it has shown that the brain’s neurons and structure differ in those who regularly engage in these activities with heightened awareness and concentration using larger areas of the brain that support and enhance other subject learning; for example music has been connected with increased math skills. (click picture for more info)

Firstly, when they are at home, let’s prepare some fun activities for them to do alone, with friends or that we can enjoy with them. Whatever your child’s interests, these can be expanded to include new ones as we expose them to new experiences and discussions through books, interesting visits, the arts and invigorating outdoor exercise. It’s all here to read and act upon. (click picture for more info)